A famous philosopher’s house in Chambéry – Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU

Charmettes 03

Charmettes 01

A few minutes by bike from home is the former « countryside property » (as it was considered at the time) of Madame de Warens.

She was the rich ‘protector’ of the young Jean-Jacques freshly arrived from Genève, in the nearby Switzerland. While he had an official occupation in the Chambéry city administrative services, he spent a lot of time in contemplating the exceptional nature surrounding the city and in which you are totally immersed into, as far as you walk a few paces out of any street…

Charmettes 19

This naturalist’s approach which was new at the time led him to jump to his reflections about human nature, then the human society and it grounded most of his future work.

Charmettes 22

Note that JJ Rousseau is buried in a stone grave placed on a small islet of Château d’Ermenonville park, far from the alpine foothills where he discovered the principles that made famous through the past two centuries, read around the whole world and inspirational guide for many modern democratic societies.

Charmettes A

People come in number from ALL OVER THE WORLD just to visit this house, which is symbolic of the philosopher’s inspiration.

The mansion of Madame de Warens is also visible in Chambéry downtown.

Charmettes 25

The small mansion above the city, called « Les Charmettes », is kept by the Municipality as an open museum where exhibitions themed around Chambéry and Savoie are often organized.

Charmettes 06

Everyone can visit after downloading a thematic guiding app that will drive you through the different rooms and the gardens. Tablets are also lended free of charge for those who dislike smartphone use. Google Play and Apple Store provide « Charmettes », « Rousseau à Turin », « Guidigo » (for kids) for download.

Charmettes 10

Bio of the writer-philosopher and vdo 360° are available on the Muni official website:  http://musees.chambery.fr/416-les-charmettes-maison-de-jean-jacques-rousseau.htm

Charmettes 24

After reading, you will learn that young Jean-Jacques was tought about other matters than just litterature and sciences by Madame de Warens… Kind of Natural Sciences for sure. Think about it when you will visit the bedroom and its alcova fitted with a small escape door…

Charmettes 13

Charmettes 15

Here is just an overview, with pictures shot outside the busy touristic season (summer), which allows for deserted rooms picturing.

Enjoy the tour and try to arrange a real visit the next time you are about to be in Chambéry.


Charmettes D

The modern way of « writing », 200 years later: I build a Kindle eBook with a handheld Tablet PC, designing the cover on screen with a stylus just like drawing on paper. Then I upload it wirelessly toward an e-commerce giant (Amazon.com) which arranges almost instantly its distribution all over the world…
I wonder what Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who witnessed the early rebirth of Sciences in the XVIIIth Century, would think of that.
 People come from all over the world to pay a visit to Jean-Jacques’ house, notably many literate Chineses and other highly educated Asians.
My Thai wife, was already living here for a while when doing the same…

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