Expat in Thailand, 2007-2008

Pictures from BKK // EXPAT IN THAILAND – Bangkok

Enigma_pix1                    Bangkok CBD, as seen from my 25th floor offices

Chamnan Phenjati, BKK. Sep 2007

Chamnan Phenjati Tower (business offices on Ratchada / Rama IX)


Left is my official HQ for company! (since I could operate it from the pool sundeck or from anywhere – with a better view). A desk, a phone/internet socket and it’s OK to register. I seldom used this desk, having quickly to rent some others for our growing personnel:

3three assigned desks


this was my usual workplace during the first 2.5 months of business, before we rented the new office 2 floors downstairs

BANGKOK - Eric & Yahav 11-2007

BANGKOK - Eric sur mon TabletPC 11-2007Yahav (Israeli) and Eric (French-Israeli) at work with my Acer TMC. Soon after, we had finally a better deal in signing for 200 sqm luxury offices just freed at the 23rd FL. Certainly among the most beautifully decorated space in town!  

We soon welcomed too in the staff a girl from Hungary and 2 partners from Canada, along with some nice Thai writers for the newspapers – see further (the new offices shot by me very late in the evening when empty, not the sexy girls, you nasty!

2-accueil 3-accueil_droite 5-entrée_bureaux 6-entrée_bureaux2 7-entrée_bureaux3 8-accès_salle réunion 11-salle_réunion2 14-salle_centrale 16-bureau1-1

Not bad, uh?

Unfortunately, the Canadians stupidly thought it was « too luxurious » for customers’ eyes and withdrawed a few months later [we were on the exact opposite POV, notably for the growing Real Estate Agency started January 1 when I contracted with my own mansion Landlord the 1st mandate…]. The offices were then too large and costly for the rest of us and we cancelled their booking in July.

Other pix from BKK to be seen in the small report: 



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